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3rd November EEG Dev Kit Update

By Mike November 3, 2017 1 comment

Login to foc.us/me to try the above.

Here is the full release note for 0.7.4

- added: AFE full control via AWS IoT

- added: tDCS

- added: local settings file

- added: feature to update bootloader

- added: dk.online AWS IoT flag including MQTT LWT message to set dk.online to false

- added: dk.mqtt.url attribute to AWS IoT

- added: Wi-Fi security failure indication (3 red blinks)

- added: switching OFF the 5V power supply when AFE is OFF

- modified: triple click timeout changed 1000 ms -> 500 ms

- modified: watchdog timer improved

- fixed: get_latest.txt URL was fixed (hardcoded)

- fixed: WiFi flashing (via jig) is not possible if WiFi file system was damaged

- fixed: RGB LED driver may output not exact color

- fixed: sometimes hangs at switching OFF

- fixed: sporadic device hangs

- fixed: battery reading (device doesn't read battery if the button is pressed)

- fixed: risk of missing AWS IoT delta messages


- fixed: device can hung in bootloader in rare cases during updating BLE firmware

Rahul Bhandari December 1, 2017 at 7:08 PM
Could you give us another update soon on shipping for the 2nd batch? Doesn't even need to be an ETA(appreciated). Just things y'all are working on and doing. Thank you in advance!